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I'm a Belgian allround developer and occasional designer who also likes to dabble in motion graphics every now and then. I'm a graduate Devine student who isn't afraid of a challenge.

My skill set includes —but is not limited to— HTML and CSS, working with both the LAMP and MEAN stack, the Flash platform, Cinema4D, the Adobe Creative Suite and some other things I probably forgot.

In my spare time, I enjoy getting a beer with some friends or play video games. Aside from that, one could say I'm addicted to the harder styles in dance music.

I'm currently available for some freelance work. If you've got an awesome project you think I could help with, have a question or just want to say hi, please get in touch.


I've always been a fan of hard dance music and a real upcoming talent in this scene is Ran-D. As I had been listening to his work for years, I was pretty excited when I got the opportunity to work on his new website.

The homepage had one big goal: combine all of Ran-D's social media feeds into one uncluttered page and update that page when something new pops up.

2012 Scantraxx Recordz Front- and back-end development Launch project
Ran-D Ran-D Ran-D


In the last 2 weeks of school, we went beyond limits. We made a mockumentary about Navinci, a company giving back the human touch to your GPS system you deserve.

2013 School project Director & Visual Effects

Cambridge Film Festival

The Cambridge Film Festival is an annual event in Cambridge which started way back in 1977. Nowadays, it's a ten-day feast for any alternative movie lover. I combined both ZendFramework and ExpressionEngine (CodeIgniter) to create a fully working, easy to manage website instead of the old and clunky one.

Made during my internship at Studio24.

2012 Cambridge Film Trust Front- and back-end development Launch project
Cambridge Film Festival Cambridge Film Festival Cambridge Film Festival Cambridge Film Festival

Illuminated Solitude

Illuminated Solitude was my final project for my motion class in college. It's heavily inspired by the work and story of Jean Dubuffet, founder of Art Brut — also known as Outsider Art.

2012 School project Motion Graphics & 3D
Illuminated Solitude Illuminated Solitude Illuminated Solitude

Foundations Project

The University of Cambridge is planning on digitalizing a huge amount of manuscripts and other valuable writings. This is a prototype of how we would handle such a vast amount of data. There are multiple ways to search and sort documents, as well as an integrated media player and manuscript reader.

An important thing we thought was missing from the current system is allowing users to create a personal account and save their favourite documents — be it a manuscript, video or audio. This way, it's easier to find like-minded people based on related favourites.

2011 School project Front- and back-end development
Foundations Project Foundations Project Foundations Project


In the Fall of 2012, we were contacted by the VRT to create the visuals for a new and upcoming TV show called Push-it. The show features the work of youngsters which they can submit on the website in order to make young directors and animators better known in Flanders. We ended up creating an intro and outro, as well as ident bumpers.

Laurents Laire and I also had the idea to make a set of pictures with the logo we created, which are now randomly being used now on the channel's website to promote the show.

2012 VRT Design, Motion Graphics & 3D
Push-it Push-it Push-it


DVNX was my final year project for my motion II class. In this project, I invented a mobile device that is going to be used in schools in the year 2020.

2011 School project Motion Graphics & Design